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"Where can I purchase college textbooks cheap?" is a common question at the start of every school year. The rising cost of college textbooks proves to be a problem for many people. The average cost of textbooks for one year for an average student ranges between about $700 to over $1000. When you add that to the cost of tuition, it can easily push a college education out of the financial reach of some people.

Fortunately, there are places where you can purchase college textbooks at a more reasonable price. You may be able to find them locally but if not you can almost certainly find them cheaper online. Where can I purchase college textbooks cheap locally? If you have a used bookstore near your college, there is a chance you can find used textbooks there. The biggest drawback to this method of purchasing cheap textbooks is that most people sell their old textbooks as soon as the school year ends. If you know which college classes you need to take and which textbooks you need late in the spring or early in the summer, you may be able to nab those used books as soon as the other students sell them. If you wait until fall, you might get lucky but chances are they'll already be gone. Still, it's worth it to take a look.

Used bookstores online are another option when you're wondering, "Where can I purchase college textbooks cheap?" There are tons of used bookstores on the Internet and some even specialize in college textbooks. Even if you want to purchase new textbooks, buying them from a bookstore online is probably going to be much cheaper than buying them from the bookstore at your college which wants to make the biggest profit off them as possible.

Another place to look for cheap used textbooks is online at various auction and for-sale sites. One of the best places to buy college textbooks cheap is at eBay. There are other online auction sites you can explore, as well. But eBay is the first and the biggest, and the place you'll most likely find used textbooks being auctioned off for less money. A site like half.com, which is a sister site to eBay, is a good place to find individual sellers who are offering used books for a set price rather than an auction price. And Craigslist is always a popular place to look for things to buy and sell, including cheap textbooks.

After you've explored, "Where can I purchase college textbooks cheap?" you'll probably realize that you can resell those books when you're finished with them to help finance the books you'll need for the following year. A local used bookstore is an option but you'll probably get more for them selling them online at places like eBay or Craigslist. Just be sure to take care of the books while you use them so they're in the same condition you bought them in. You may be able to get as much or even more as you paid for them since age really isn't a factor as long as someone needs the book you have.

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