Spring Break 2012 - Top 5 Best College Travel Spots

School intermission - Time to hit the road.

Got spring break? Check out these top 5 getaway destinations.

Where College Students Go For Spring Break

Spring Break Girl

You’ve made it to school and you’ve made it to class. You’ve done your homework, classwork, and regular work for a half of semester so now it’s time you’ve made it one of the top college spots for Spring Break 2012.

Put down those college books and pencils to get ready for some fun. We’ve scoured the web looking for the hottest spots for college students to relax and enjoy themselves this Spring Break 2012.

The following are the top 5 best college travel spots for students to have fun.

5 of the Best College Travel Spots

  • Panama City, Florida – Typically topping most lists for hot spots for Spring Break, this destination ranks best in terms of location, convenient, costs, and fun.  Being a staple for many college students for years, this paradise has tons of sun, beaches, and tanned college students ready to have fun.
  • Bahamas – This tropical paradise is an oasis of fun, sun, and beautiful beaches.  Students have flocked to this island treasure for many years and is one of the most frequently visited destinations for Spring Break party goers for years.
  • Cancun, Mexico – There are a few location in Mexico that tops our list and anyone of them will be a great spot for college students to enjoy their Spring Break.  Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cancun are just a couple of the paradises that await those that venture south for their break.
  • South Padre Island & Austin, Texas – Having great warn temperatures, lower costs, and lots of places for fun, makes this destination a popular choice for many college students and has been growing in popularity over recent years.
  • Jamaica – Spots like Montego Bay have been very popular with college students for many years and continues to a be a hot destination for students that like tropical atmosphere, island treasures, and plenty of wild nights.

These are just some of the hot destinations that college students will go to this year, but there are plenty of other great local spots that students can have some fun and unwind from a difficult college semester. The following are just some of the other destination ideas that college students can think about, but we would love to hear other students opinions, thoughts, and plans for their Spring Break 2012.

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