Is A College Degree Important?

What Earning A Degree Means For Your Future

With a college degree under your belt, you could be opening doors to various career opportunities.

The Significance Of A College Degree

College Degree

As you consider the college you want to attend, or consider going back to college, you may ask yourself. "Is a college degree important?"

1) With the sheer amount of job candidates and the unemployment rate near 9%, a college degree can help you stand out.

2) Companies see someone with a college degree as an employee that will complete tasks, stay the course, commit to the employer and stick around for a substantial amount of time. The college degree is important because it proves your sacrifice to spend 2 to 4 years attending college and getting your diploma.

3) Some top companies won't even consider a candidate unless they have a college degree. This makes having a college degree important.

Why else is a College Degree Important?

While knowledge can be powerful, a college degree can also help boost your earning potential. Fulfill Your Earning Potential Annual earnings based on degree. The Department of Education

- 4-Year Degree - $53,000 / year
- 2-Year Degree - $39,000 / year
- High School - $32,000 / year
- No High School - $24,000 / Year

Start a career in one of Today's Hottest Industries:

  • Arts Degree
  • Business Degree
  • Computer Degree
  • Counseling and Psychology Degree
  • Criminal Justice Degree
  • Culinary Degree
  • Degree Completion Degree
  • Dental Degree
  • Education Degree
  • Engineering Degree
  • English Degree
  • Massage Degree
  • MBA Degree
  • Mechanical Degree
  • Medical Degree
  • Nursing Degree
  • Other Degree
  • Religion Degree
  • Veterinary Degree
  • Science Degree
  • Arts and Sciences Degree
  • Communications Degree
  • Environmental Studies Degree

Now when you ask yourself, "Is a college degree important?" You know the answer, "Yes it is."

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