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Your first day of college is approaching, and you're beginning to wonder what it's going to be like. What does the college student life consist of? College is a completely different academic world than high school. You are pretty much in charge of your own schedule. Teachers aren't going to escort you to class if they see you lingering somewhere in the halls or quad. Classes you're enrolled in won't take place every hour (unless you prefer it this way). Your courses could be during the day or evening. You appoint your own breaks and meal periods and no one is breathing down your neck to stay focused. There seem to be more people, groups who gather for study groups, sporting events, college parties, sororities, fraternities, campus/dorm living. Whatever activities you choose to participate in, make sure it doesn't make you lethargic and affect your studies. The disciplinarian here is you.

Every person has a specifically designed day. You may have a friend who attends the same college, that has a completely different academic schedule. But don't let this discourage you from having , you may even find that having schedules that aren't so similar being a good thing. Finding time to mingle and catch up with school mates might actually be unchallenging if you coordinate accordingly. The course schedules will also vary. Typically, you won't be required to attend that same class every day. A particular class might be every other day or once a week. Then again, maybe your end goal is to earn your degree quickly and you want a full day of classes. There is nothing wrong with being ahead of schedule. Just be aware, that the more manic your schedule is, the more prone you are to burning yourself out. College should be paced and not rushed.

Some people even hold a part time or full time jobs while they're attending college. Some students work as interns as well. There are certain jobs that employ students as interns on a probationary basis (most times to work for free) and give them college credit for their work experience. Occasionally, a student might be offered a paid internship or even the opportunity to work for the company once they graduate from college. With this type of opportunity being granted it seems to be one of the perks of being a college student. Finding a job after graduating from college can prove to be grueling for some. But interning gives them a bit of an introduction to the workforce and may even lead to an actual job.

The studying and homework differs in college. Projects and assignments have serious deadlines that if ignored or not completed can affect the grade or prompt a student's immediate withdrawal from the course. Exams are also more intense and can mean the difference between having to take the course over again and actually passing the class. A good cardinal rule to follow, is to pay close attention to the lessons of your instructor and not to allow any disruption from things outside of your student realm.

You may also find in college, a whole new set of people aside from the friends and associates you had in high school. People transplant from other areas to attend colleges further away. Students could be foreign, vary in age and situations. College is an entrance to another phase in academics. You have your fresh out of high school students, working professionals, and even an older group of individuals who have went back to school to finally get their degree. It's always best to keep an open mind when you first encounter other students/people in college, because you might be able to share and exchange ideas at some point. Projecting a welcoming spirit, by congregating with diverse groups of individuals and learning from one another can tremendously enrich your college life; not only does this reflect your capability to network but it shows that you are willing to try new things and that you are open to receiving knowledge from others.

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