10 Tips To Help Choose The Right Online School

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Do you want to earn a degree online? With so many choices, how do you know which program is right for you?

Finding The Best Online School


Going to school to earn a degree today is a lot different than it was say 20 years ago. Over two decades ago the first online schools were forming, and UOP Online was the first to arrive in the late 80’s.

Today, there are hundreds of schools offering either some classes or all classes online. With so many choices in online schools, how does a person know which online school is right for them.

The following are tips will help shed some light on items to look for when researching online schools and some ways to help choose the right online school.

10 tips to help choose the right online school:

  1. Give yourself enough time to research schools thoroughly. Set this time aside before applications are due and several weeks before any one program begins.
  2. Find established accredited online degree programs.
  3. Locate class offers, prices, and schedules.
  4. Make sure you’re able to contact live people at the school.
  5. Once you find the online school you’re interested in, have them send you printed material describing the school’s history, mission statement, program offerings and student resources.
  6. What would a prospective employer think of your degree from a particular online school?
  7. Does the online school offer refunds in the event you’re unable to commit to a course?
  8. What are online schools offering in terms of scholarship money?
  9. What can you find out about the professors and other professionals at the school(s) you’re interested in?
  10. Check the fees involved for out of state expenses, some schools offer local classes online, but others require out of state fees.

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