10 Things NOT To Do During A Job Interview

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What are some things you should avoid doing while at an interview?

DO NOT Do This When Applying For A Job

Job Interviews

The new year is here and this means that some people will be looking for a new job or trying to find a better career choice. With the job market just starting to rebound and people trying to hone their interview skills to set them apart from the competition, we thought this would be a good time to put out our 10 thing to not do during a job interview process.

These 10 things of what not to do in an interview will give you an advantage over people that are not familiar with these items and may be the difference maker in finding a good job in 2010.

10 Things NOT To Do During A Job Interview:

  1. Smoke beforehand...the smell lingers and could distract the job interviewer.
  2. Chew gum - like the above - it distracts and could get in the way of your eloquently stated answers.
  3. Interrupt despite your enthusiasm it's best to let the interviewer complete his or her sentence before jumping in to answer.
  4. Look at the floor, at the ceiling, out the window, etc.etc. Maintain eye contact throughout the interview.
  5. Slouch - take pride in yourself and make a strong presence through your body language.
  6. Speak negatively about prior positions, companies, and co-workers.
  7. Use slang opt for industry jargon instead
  8. Bring Up Moneyunless the interviewer initiates it with a job offer.
  9. Fill sentences with "um" and "uh" and "whatever" - solid speaking skilles show your ability to communicate.
  10. Be late! Show up 15 minutes early as rule of thumb.

Remember - these are all "Do Not's"! For information on ways to ace a job interview or various types of college degrees to help with career advancing use Dotschools college search tools.

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